To inspire humanity to trust its intuition, embrace its primal instincts and bust ass every second of every day to maximize its potential.  We live to survive so we can fight to succeed.

MY LIFE IS WAR is a movement-driven clothing brand created to recognize those who claw and scratch, tooth-and-nail, for everything they have.  It's the battle armor for the fighter in all of us - just aching for our chance at glory.

MY LIFE IS WAR symbolizes the fighter in YOU!


Fighter Up!  Every Day's a Battle!  Every Life's a WAR!


EVERY.  SINGLE.  MORNING.  As soon as your feet hit the floor, the demands of the day bear down on the hinges of your life, working to rock your soul and break your spirit.  BUT the fighter in you will never relinquish your belt!  Never throw in the towel!  The moment you were born was the moment history was made!  The moment a FIGHTER was forged into existence to affect the universe forever and that can never be taken away!

You were born to change the world!  You were born to make unrealistic decisions and take unreasonable actions!  That's just what fighters do!  Your spirit is simply incapable of vacating the oath you took at birth to hunt your dreams until the day you die!  As long as there is air in your lungs and a heartbeat in your chest, it is not only your duty, but your obligation to step to every challenge and push through every ounce of pain.  Why?  Because you promised yourself that you would!  Life's not easy.  It never has been & it never will be and that's just the way we fighters like it!

EVERY Day's a Battle!    EVERY Life's a War!   Armor Up!